Tours of Montreal Street Art

The art’s in the alleys here in Montreal; the poetry’s in the streets. The Street Art Renaissance that has been raging here in Sin City for the better part of two decades has left its colorful mark on this great city. Buildings on many of the city’s most storied streets—streets like Rue Saint-Denis, Boulevard Saint-Laurent, and Rue Duluth—have been clothed in breathtakingly beautiful murals—murals painted by world-famous street artists such as Carlito Dalceggio, Felix Berube Labrona, Miles Mac, and Omen.

What’s more, if you know where to look, many of the less obvious places in the city—the back alleys, doorways, and abandoned city lots, for instance—contain hidden treasures—by immensely-talented street artists such as MissMe, Chris Dyer, Stikki Peaches, Futur Lasor Now, 52hz, Stela+, and Philippe Mastrocola—which are, to many, far more beautiful than most of what passes for art in galleries and museums these days.

Though great street art can now be found in virtually every corner of the city, the Walks on the Wild Side tour will focus on the Montreal neighborhood which contains the highest concentration of outstanding street art:  The Plateau.

Duration:      1.5-2 hours

Cost:               $20 per person; minimum two people required for tour.  Reserve your spot via email or using the reservation form.

Discounts available for groups.  Contact us for rates.

Tours begin at the site of six new works of street art at the parking lot approximately at 3554 St. Laurent, Montreal, QC, and end at the Fresh Paint Gallery at 221 St. Catherine St.  Est, Montreal, QC on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Saturdays at 3:00 p.m.  Space is limited; reservations in advance strongly recommended.  Other times and available.  Send us a message.


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